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This website was created to make information regarding not only long range precision shooting, but shooting in general, easily accessible to both novice and experienced shooters.  Within this website are a host of articles and other resources that apply to the art and science of shooting, covering everything from equipment to marksmanship.  Since staying proficient at precision rifle shooting requires constant practice and learning, the articles posted here at Shooting Voodoo may change from time to time to reflect new gains in knowledge.  I do not want Shooting Voodoo to be a "one trick pony" but instead something that is always evolving to provide current information for all shooting enthusiasts.

As you'll see the articles and library section make up the main body of the website.  Located in the articles section are articles that cover topics such as using a mil-based reticle, filling out a data book, using a rifle sling and much, much more.  The library section contains downloadable databook pages for use in modular data books with pages for just about everything.  There are also downloadable targets that can be printed out on standard printer paper to use while zeroing or for a little fun at the range.  In addition to these sections I thought it was time to add a new Training and Competitions section that has a breakdown of the training events and competitions I'll be at this year.  Not only does it have the schedule for this year but some write ups and AAR's (After Action Reports) from previous events for those that would like a glimpse of the action.  I plan to update this section as often as possible.

 Recent Improvements!

I've also added several new free data book pages to update some of the ones that were previously available.

The older mil relation charts have been replaced by newer ones that are based on the Allegheny Sniper Challenge charts that I created a couple of years ago but includes a couple of extra dimensions.  I thought these charts would be more useful to the tactical precision rifle shooter since the dimensions are geared more towards steel targets rather than human beings.

New mil relation charts are availabe HERE.

I also replaced the old Multiple Target Engagement Sheet with new ones that make room for a hasty range card or field sketch, reticle hold over diagram, and ballistic data.  There are two versions currently, one that uses a basic mildot reticle in the hold over diagram and an IPSC target for plotting shots.  The other one is all blank so the shooter can draw in their own reticle and targets.

New UKD/Multiple Target pages are available HERE.

New Articles Recently Added:

Battery Free Ballistics

Starting Out In Tactical Precision Rifle Shooting: Part 1

Starting Out inTactical Precision Rifle Shooting: Part 2


See all the others located in the Articles section!!!


Update 08/03/2013- I'm starting to add articles that I previously posted on Sniper's Hide to the articles section here.  Keep an eye out in the near term for articles about cleaning and maintaining optics, steel targets, and weather meters for long range shooting. 


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The articles and resources in this website are for informational purposes only.  Shooting Voodoo is not responsible for the use, or misuse, of the information by the reader.